Looking for a prep teacher?

Hi, my name is Coram.

I’m a prep teacher in New York, NY. I teach math, science, history and English. All the way up to the university level. I graduated from the University of New York in 2013 and have been teaching since then!

I help my students understand the material at hand, not memorize it. I think that the best way to get a student to prep for a test or course is to learn to enjoy the material. Studying doesn’t have to be boring, it can be fun. That’s what I specialize in. I make learning FUN! If you’re in the New York area looking for a teacher please contact me.

Who Has The Cheapest Auto Insurance? The Random Things That Affect Your Quote

What’s the cheapest auto insurance?

I was recently shopping for car insurance. I know. This story is fun already right? Real edge of your seat stuff. I’ll bet you can hardly contain your excitement.

But anyway, I went to a certain company to get a quote (Here: http://www.whohasthecheapestautoinsurance.com/). I went to this specific company because my friend, who should definitely not be legal on the roads, is insured with them. And surprisingly didn’t have to remortgage her house to afford the cost.

So considering I am not quite as lethal behind the wheel, I was expecting a much lower quote.

Do you know which one of us they deemed worthy of the cheapest car insurance? My friend, who barely has a license, or me, the girl who has never even had a parking ticket?

I’ll give you a clue. The answer isn’t me.

If you’re anything like me you’re probably wondering how on earth an amateur formula one driver who refuses to wear glasses while driving managed to come out on top in that battle.

Basically, it’s because companies factor in a whole heap of other stuff to decide who has the cheapest auto insurance. Here are just a few of the random, not at all related to actual driving ability, things that could be stopping you from that all important low quote.

Bad credit

Because poor financial management equates to poor driving ability? Apparently.


If you smoke, insurance companies may charge extra. Lighting up is a distracting habit behind the wheel.

Your relationship status

If love isn’t incentive enough to tie the knot, how about financial savings? Insurance companies charge married people less for cover. Maybe having a second person in the car yelling at you to watch out for the cyclists is conducive to better driving after all.

Your education

The further you go in school, the less you pay for car insurance. So maybe it’s time to hit the books if you want to save money on your auto insurance.

Why I’m glad I got full coverage car insurance

When I was originally looking for car insurance I wanted to be as cheap as possible. Because I’m the real life Scrooge and I don’t like spending money and getting nothing in return. Obviously, I wasn’t going to need full coverage. What was I going to do? Try to get my car damaged?

The answer to that is. Yes. I may as well have parked my car in a Juvenile detention centre and handed out the keys alongside a variety of damage-inflicting weapons. I mean, I drove around blind for the first 4 years. Like, I literally couldn’t see the road. The shock when I finally took an eye test and saw the world through prescription lenses was substantial.

Anyway, I was persuaded by the fact that, once, my friend drove through a stop sign 6 hours after buying her first car and immediately wrote it off. And then later the same day another friend picked me up to go shopping and as we were discussing our friend’s bad luck, she skidded full force into a parked car and wrote her’s off too. I decided better to be safe than sorry.

And boy was I glad. Had I not been fully covered I would have been on my own when a delightful ‘gentleman’ who was a loyal patron of a little club named ‘Chubby’s’ rocked up one Saturday morning around 5am as I was parking my car and decided that, in return for me not having sex with him in a deserted train station, he was going to scream obscenities until I left the car park and then proceed to redecorate my car. Oh and also relieve it of the pesky air that was occupying the tyres it was rolling around on. Thanks for that.

The moral of the story is probably, don’t park your car in unsavoury places more than anything else. But the full coverage car insurance thing did help me out, so I recommend you get it as well, or at least look into no deposit car insurance.

I Was Refused a Bank Loan and Had To Turn To a Payday Lender


I wanted to share a story of what happened to me a few years back. It’s honestly embarrassing and frustrating, but I’d like for my potential students to know more about me!

One of the most embarrassing moments of my life (and there have been many) was the day I was laughed out of my bank when I tried to apply for a loan. I thought it was a little harsh.

Now, it’s not the first time I’ve been embarrassed at the bank. The time I went to open a new account and the clerk literally called all of his co workers over for the sole purpose of laughing at my ID picture was also quite a low point. But this was probably worse.

I wouldn’t say I have the best track record with money. I probably didn’t need to buy 4 almost identical $400 studded leather jackets within a week of each other for example. But I don’t think there was any need to laugh me off the premises.

I went home feeling like a fool. Which says a lot coming from someone who once thought nothing of being sent home from school for smelling too bad (to be fair to me, it was because somebody else had vomited directly onto my head). That’s when I saw the answer to my prayers. A TV commercial for an instant loan. Obviously, I’d heard of these so called ‘payday’ loans before. But they have terrible reputations, so I’d thought the bank would be the more professional route to take. Although, if you ask me, falling into hysterics at your customers isn’t exactly the height of professionalism. But who am I to judge?

Anyway, after my stint as the local laughing stock, I didn’t want to go back out and ask for a loan face to face again. Luckily, the lenders offering loans near me had an online application system. I was up and running with the cash in my bank that same day. And in their defence, there are multiple clear warnings about how costly these loans are right on the homepage of the website.

I found the whole experience quicker, easier, and a whole lot less shameful than trying to get a traditional bank loan. Where before, I judged all people taking out loans of this nature. I have realized that sometimes payday loans companies offer a valuable and much-needed service that is unavailable anywhere else. Also this is the site I used to find the loan: http://www.financeflamingo.com/